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Who we are

We are a group of experienced professionals operating on a global scale with experiences in Marketing, Communication, Consulting, IT, Market Surveys, Human Resources and Talent Management. 

We have been early adopters of concepts like Voice of Customer / Voice of Employees, as well as advanced technologies supporting business innovation.

Our vision

Surveys, websites and other collection tools make it easier and cheaper to collect information directly from the source, the customer. These text responses could consist of anything from product improvement to new product ideas, service/support feedback, or even trending topics from social networks.  

We found that the existing technologies for “text mining” can be difficult to setup and painful to use and maintain. We designed GignoMind for any user, keeping it simple and unbiased. You will find that with a few clicks you will be able to extract meaningful information from data that is ignored due to the time and resources needed to analyze it.

Our non-semantic approach to text mining allows anyone to analyze the information, GignoMind Basic. For more advanced users and these who have more data to analyze we created our other solutions. Theses other solutions were also made to accommodate professionals who want to fine tune the results (add words, delete words, create synonyms, etc).

GignoMind: the first online “Text Mining” service to analyze responses (texts / verbatim). Some examples of surveys include desktop support tickets, customer feedback, employee engagement, marketing analysis, call centers and competency assessments.

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